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Device "Irido-Screen"

Iridoscreen results

 A revival of traditional analytical methods, based on analysisof data on the status of internal organs and tissue systems,derived from information taken from the iris.

The technique used to test the 24 most important bodies for 20 minutes.
  And identify:

  • The decline in immune status.
  • The presence of parasites in toxic trace.
  • Evaluate the functional status of the organization.
  • Determine the extent microelement

The importance of this type of rapid diagnosis: Directly on the screen you see the 24 members and the percentage of toxins and bacteria in the body ... and identifies future risks at the same time gives you the short comings of micro-elements necessary for the body...


Based on the test, you can find out what is currently being tested is necessary to protect it from development of new abnormalities in the health and aid in the elimination of existing disorders, many of which involve a violation of the acid-base balance, the exchange of microelements, intoxication and the presence of parasites.

  Over the past few years in medicine is justified fundamentally new approach to diagnosis and treatment of many diseases caused by lipid, mineral and carbohydrate metabolism. Such diseases include atherosclerosis, liver diseases and bleary tract, chronic pancreatitis, statuses, metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders and other disorders, leading to the development of systemic pathological reactions.

The advantages of this method:

Scanning procedure of the iris device "Irido-test" absolutely painless and harmless; Does not require special training and allows us to determine the functional state of organs and tissues immediately during testing; Reveals the adaptability of the organism, variations in health status at an early stage and prevention of these changes; Reveals the presence of the toxic load and micronutrient deficiencies; Allows an alternative approach to dealing with people undergoing testing.

(red minus)      (green Normal)


Iridocreen Device

Set of Delivery:

The set of delivery of unit Iridioscreen includes:

  • Device Optisalt Iridoscreen     
  • Manual                                    
  • Software                                 
  • passport 



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