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Treatment and diagnosis module "Peresvet Voll"





Computer repertorisation module "Peresvet Homoeopathy"





Treatment-and-diagnosis module "Peresvet Auri"





Module "MIL-Therapy" for magnetic-infrared-laser therapy
































































































































































































Traditional diagnostic and therapeutic computer system ARM-PERESVET

This auction is for:

  1. NEW Apparatus PERESVET with kit electrode;

  2. The programmed modules for ambience Windows on CD (upgrade of the software during 3 years free of charge.);

  3. Auxiliary key blocking connector for protection of the programs from unauthorized copying for USB or LPT-port;

  4. Detailed manual of the user on work with module of the complex





Treatment-and-diagnosis module "Peresvet Voll"

  • REFERENCE AND TEACHING SYSTEM FOR R. VOLL'S ELECTROPUNCTURE which contains exhaustive information about biologically active points: their functions, type designation, localization.

  • AUTOMATION OF MEASUREMENT PROCEDURE. Record of all electropuncture indices during the whole measurement process. Efficient system of audible and visual control of the measurement results: color pictures of the device scale, indicator bar and dynamic measurement diagram are displayed.

  • VARIETY OF MEASUREMENTS ROUTES (PROFILES): from the most popular express-routes to differential diagnosis through anamnesis data, systems of organism, separate nosologic forms and meridians. Fast search of the required measurement point.

  • REPORTS: in a form of color tables, diagrams and graphic presentation. Results of multi-zone diagnosis are represented by a list of potential "target organs". Analysis of electropuncture system basing on main and integral criteria. U-SIN diagrams. Visceral analysis. Diagnosis through the sections of vertebral column.

  • ELECTROPUNCTURE CONCLUSION. Expert analysis of 200 nosologic form, estimation of a decease acuteness. Rapid drawing up of a conclusion basing on data of anamnesis and computer analysis.

  • MEDICAMENT TEST (MT). Personalized remedy prescription considering measurement results; accurate dosage definition and compatibility test. Comparative analysis of the diagnosis and test results for selected group of remedies.

  • Electronic Selector (electronic pharmacy) contains information on 16,000 remedies, including homeopathic remedies, nosodes, organic remedies, complex remedies, allergens, etc.

  • Repertorisation program "Peresvet Homoeopathy" joins capabilities of two approaches for prescription of homeopathic remedies: electropuncture approach (by R. Voll) and traditional approach. The program recommendations for top-priority testing the remedies allow to save the test time and ensure the best quality of remedy selection, dosage and concentration.

  •  ELECTROPULSE THERAPY with computer-aided adjustment of treatment parameters: the treatment mode (constant frequency or "swinging" frequency); pulse shape, frequency and length, exposure time, etc.

  • COMPARISON OF PATIENT'S VISITS with an overview of a medical history, diagnostic summaries, prescribed treatments. Changes in vital systems of the organism are displayed on a visceral and spinal phantom.

  • PRINTING EXAMINATION RESULTS conclusion and prescriptions which have been previously edited by a physician.

  • AUTOMATIC REGISTRY and computer filing of all examination results allows to make a physician free of storing numerous paper copies.


Computer repertorisation module "Peresvet Homoeopathy"


Computer program greatly reduces repertorisation time and laboriousness by using original methods based on computer technology.


What are components of the program?
















  • REPERTORY which is based on Boericke and Kent data and contains more than 10000 symptoms, therapeutic directory and a system of the symptom search using key words and names of remedies.

  • ANALYTIC SYSTEM realizing principles of traditional repertorisation. Integrated estimation of 1200 remedies considering seriousness of a symptom and the Repertory's mark.

  • MATERIA MEDICA containing pathogenesis of more than 800 remedies.

  • SYNTHESIZED REFERENCE DIRECTORY for different nosologic forms, instructions for remedies compatibility, application and dosage of homeopathic remedies.

  • COMPARISON OF ALL PATIENT'S VISITS allows observing dynamics of a patient's state and remedies prescriptions.



What are advantages of the program?


The program has a standard mode of displaying the headings as in Repertory book.

Repertorisation remedies are offered for top-priority testing in "Peresvet Voll" module.

All program solutions are visual, simple and intuitive understandable for users of every qualification.



Treatment-and-diagnosis module "Peresvet Auri"


  • REFERENCE AND TEACHING SYSTEM for auricular reflexodiagnosis.

  • COMPUTER-AIDED SYSTEM FOR EXPRESS-DIAGNOSIS of a human being organism state. Differential diagnosis through different examination routes (10 main systems of organism).

  • AUTHORING SYSTEM OF MULTI-FACTOR ANALYSIS: besides the index of electroanomaly in a measurement point, a patient's subjective feelings (painfulness under pressing) and pathologic changes (color and morphologic) are also taken into account.

  • Conclusions related to the presence, acuteness and nature of pathologic process (acute or chronic, state of exacerbation or remission, etc).

  • PERSONALIZED RECIPE FOR ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT which is scheduled day after day.





Module "MIL-Therapy" for magnetic-infrared-laser therapy


  • More than 150 authoring schemes of quantum therapy for treatment of 200 diseases (devices of "MILTA" and "RIKTA" families)/

  • PROFOUND PATHOGENETIC VALIDITY OF SCHEME SELECTION basing on results of Voll's diagnosis.

  • The program allows immediate finding of MIL-therapy schemes and follow them day after day during the entire treatment course.

  • The program makes up INTEGRATED TREATMENT METHOD using a set of basic schemes of MIL-therapy and universal rehabilitation programs. While making up the integrated method, the program takes into account priorities of different schemes (basic and accompanying pathology), repetition of treatment zones and also control of exposure time.

  • The made-up method is kept in a database as a recipe for MIL-therapy and also can be printed on a special physiotherapeutic form.



The ARM-PERESVET complex has been designed on a basis of many years’ researches in the field of traditional oriental medicine (TOM) and contemporary electronic and information technology.

Made on the basis of state-of-art electronic/optic components the complex fully employs capabilities of a personal computer.



Fields of the complex application are:

  • Internal medicine
  • Traumatology
  • Cosmetology
  • Family medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Scientific research Physicians in any specialty can use the system.
  • The complex is indispensable in mass examination of population of different age groups.


Personal computer and multimedia based design allows:


  • Accurate, rapid diagnosis and in-dept examination of patients
  • Maximum possible individualized and harmless treatment



Every module of the complex is a desk top diagnostic and therapeutic center.


Traditional Diagnostic Therapeutic automated workplace



The ARM-PERESVET complex: is a computer-aided workstation for physicians, based on traditional medicine theories of diagnosis displaying its results for modern medicine doctors (physiological and anatomical pathogenesis) and for traditional oriental doctors (U SIN, meridians...). It is intended for multilevel system-formatted diagnosis and therapy.




The complex allows integral health evaluation and identification of organic and functional abnormalities. Expert analysis of electro-punctual measurements results and wide range of physiological indices, and also availability of unique reference information provide for express and accurate diagnosis making.
Using the diagnosis results the complex allows correcting a functional state of the organism with the help of individually selected therapeutic methods


ARM-PERESVET consists of modules:

 Module "Peresvet-Voll": diagnostics, therapy and test medication of Voll's method;

Module "Peresvet-Auri": multifactorial auricular diagnostics and therapy;

Module "Peresvet-Homeopathy": program for computer automating and speeding up the reportorial process.

Module "Quantum therapy": The program for drawing up of the individual prescription magnetic-infrared laser (MIL) therapies to the patient and the general methodical support at use of apparatus of quantum therapy RIKTA


Versions of the software:



There are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian versions, and also translation into other tongues is carried out.


N.B.: ALL the modules are integrated in unified system. But they can be also used as independent modules






The products have EC-Certificate (Reg.-Nr. 78/705/4887) and marked with CE 0032.




Computer-aided complex for express-diagnosis and therapy


Electropuncture diagnosis, therapy and medicament test using R. Voll's method.

Auricular diagnosis and therapy.


Phytotherapy, Naturotherapy.

Electrostimulation reflexotherapy.

Magnetic-infrared-laser (MIL) therapy

About Device:

The New version of the "ARM-PERESVET" complex is an out put of ten years of operation in international markets


















The complex consists of "Peresvet" device (2 models are available) and a set of software programs. Some modules of the complex don't require the device. The programs can be used both independently and in combination with each other. User may order any wishful configuration (a set of modules) of the complex. The programs are written on laser CD. There are available English, German, French, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian versions of software, and translation to other languages is possible. Detailed User's manual and electronic key (for LPT or USB port at the user's option) are delivered with the complex to provide the program protection against unauthorized copying.






Processor Pentium-133 (min.); RAM-16 MB (min.); video card – High Color, 16-bit (min.), 800x600 pixels; 100 MB free space on the hard disk (min.); free COM port for device connection; audio card (desirable); jet (laser) printer; Microsoft Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP. Computers of NOTEBOOK type can be used for setting up software. It is planned to supplement the complex with new methods of diagnosis and therapy which have been approved by the RF Ministry of Health in 2000. and are at the phase of registration, including electropuncture vegetative resonance test, modified painful test, pulse diagnosis, bioresonance therapy, Nakatani's method, etc
















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